Bridging SIENNA

Native SIENNA exists as a SNIP-20 token on Secret Network. Wrapped versions of the SIENNA token exist on other blockchains. There is a BSC version of SIENNA, and an ETH version as wSIENNA. In order to move these tokens between the supported blockchains, the bridge will collect x amount on one chain, and release the same amount on the other side. The conversion is always 1:1, minus the bridge free.

In order to convert SIENNA to the BSC or ETH versions, or vice versa, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the bridge website (this bridge supports ETH and BSC).

  2. Connect your Keplr and MetaMask wallets (ensure you have selected the appropriate network on MetaMask, i.e. ETH or BSC).

  3. Select the bridging direction (e.g. ETH or BSC to Secret Network, or vice versa).

  4. Select your desired token, amount, and destination address (please note that you can send it to an address that is different from the connected wallet address).

  5. Approve the transaction, pay the associated gas fees, and wait for the chain to broadcast the transaction.

Things to note when using the bridge:

  • Gas fees are always paid in the native token of the blockchain you are bridging FROM. Please make sure you have BNB if you are bridging from BSC, ETH if you are bridging from Ethereum, and SCRT (not sSCRT) when bridging from Secret Network.

  • In some rare cases, your bridging transaction may get stuck. In case this happens, there is a dedicated Bridge-Support channel on the Secret Network Discord.

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