Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive List of FAQs

Why is SCRT used for gas?

Secret Network is the Layer-1 blockchain upon which Sienna Network (Layer-2 protocol) was developed. The SIENNA token was developed using the Secret Network SNIP-20 standard. Gas fees for transactions are paid in native SCRT tokens—similar to how Layer-2 protocols on Ethereum use ETH for gas fees.

How do I acquire SCRT?

Currently there are 3 distinct options for acquiring SCRT:

  • Centralized Exchanges: SCRT is available on Binance, BitKub, MEXC Global,, CoinEx, Hotbit. This will give you native SCRT directly.

  • Decentralized Exchanges: SCRT is available on Osmosis.

  • Asking for some SCRT in the Sienna/Secret Telegram groups.

Please note that SCRT is not private and does not have the privacy preserving features of the SNIP-20 tokens on Secret Network (e.g. SIENNA). So you will want to consider how to send SCRT between wallets if you do not want them to be linked by on-chain data.

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